MEDICLIQ Health Care Facility


Medicliq platform provides access to telemedicine consultations.  The use of telemedicine has been increasing over the years and will likely remain an important aspect of healthcare delivery.  What makes telemedicine so popular? It’s an easy and convenient way to access care.  Whether you’re looking for affordability or faster care, telemedicine allows healthcare to come to you, not the other way around.

Using  Medicliq telemedicine; doctors and healthcare professionals can provide support for most non-life-threatening health concerns, which means you don’t always need to travel to the doctor’s office. Scheduling is easy, visits are fast, and you can take control of how and when you receive care. Medicliq provides immediate online access to its pool of resident and international certified physicians, dietitians, therapists, psychiatrists and more.


Telemedicine Services

How does Telemedicine Service work ?

Get a second opinion, prescriptions, check symptoms

  • Patients can use the Medicliq telemedicine services to see a physician for the first time or to get a second opinion.  Our services can also be used for refilling prescriptions, sharing preliminary information, checking symptoms, or bringing up concerns about a health issue that does not require a physical examination.

Diagnosis, treatment plan reviews

  • Have your diagnosis and treatment plan reviewed by an expert specialist from the pool of registered and licensed Medicliq Healthcare Providers.

Choose a doctor that suits you

  • Choose the doctor that works best for you.  We will show you a list of available doctors and their experience before starting your visit.

Engage with a doctor via video

  • Our web-based and mobile app visitors use secure, high-quality streaming video. See and speak with a doctor 24 hours a day from home or on the go.