About Us


Our story

In 2018, a group of Medicliq founders went on a mission to resolve the shortage of medical facilities and a shortage of Doctors in many regions of Africa, however, we started that journey in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. We noticed the challenges patients faced: having to travel long distances to attend a medical appointment and a lack of opportunities to get a second professional opinion from a specialist.  

Our first iteration was the provision of Medical centres in partnership with clinics, where patients can engage with a remote local or international consultant.  However, the wide spread of mobile phones and web usage in Nigeria allowed Medicliq to introduce telemedicine services that are easy to use on a mobile device at the convenience of a patient’s home.

We are a telehealth service provider in the Middle East and Africa, with the fast developments in healthcare innovation, we believe that connecting medical professionals to telehealth technologies will provide the perfect platform for them to deliver an increase in diagnostic precision in addition to saving lives and reducing the cost for proper patient care. 

Medicliq believes that our telehealth platform will provide patients with a cost-effective channel to engage with medical professionals from around the world and open up opportunities that have otherwise been only available to the privileged few.

Our Vision

To become the leading telemedicine service provider from Africa

Our Mission

To transform health care services in Nigeria by developing the Medicliq brand as a secure and dependable HealthTech platform, reputed for delivering efficient, affordable and globally compliant health care, and ultimately providing exceptional value to all stakeholders

Our Features

Our Technology

We are proud to be one of the leading companies to support the next generation of telehealth and healthcare solutions through the use of the MEDICLIQ PLATFORM, a communication platform for medical professionals and patients that enables video and audio teleconsultation and secure diagnostic image sharing.  We offer high-quality, convenient, and confidential medical consultation through qualified doctors locally and internationally at affordable prices.

Fast, Seamless and Secure

The Medicliq Platform seamlessly connects doctors to patients who instantly receive the care they need. Medicliq follows strict adherence to HIPAA, EU, and GDPR compliance. The Medicliq Platform can also be integrated into internal IT systems, enabling users to view and share medical image data (MRIs, CTs), EMR information, various diagnostic images, laboratory data, prescriptions, and live streaming videos (ER, ICU, vital monitors, etc.)