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A Beginner’s Guide to Get a Second Medical Opinion


How many websites did you browse before you last bought a car? Were you satisfied with the first quote you received for your house renovation or painting job? When it is about your house, your finances, or your belongings, you mostly do enough research, shop around, and take your time to find out the best advice.

But as a recent survey found, very few Nigerians ensure such a precise approach when it is to their health. There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion for your medical condition. If you haven’t taken multiple teleconsultations to decide on the best healthcare approach before, this blog is for you! Read ahead to know more about what you are missing on.


What Are The Reasons to Seek A Second Medical Opinion?

If you are diagnosed with a complex medical condition, the treatment, and management can be pretty complicated. That is why making the right decision about receiving the right care is a must.  Seeking a second opinion from expert doctors around the world can help you feel more confident about your treatment procedure.

Are you wondering about the logical reasons to go for an international doctor consultation?  Well, the causes can vary from one patient to another.

  • Maybe you don’t feel confident in your current health care provider’s ability to treat you.
  • You have an unusual, rare disease that is not responding well to the current treatment.
  • You want to have diversified knowledge of your ailment and hence consulting a foreign doctor online seems like a good idea.

 According to the internationaltelemedicine experts, taking enough time to learn about your condition and going for a second or even third medical consultation is a reasonable approach in today’s fast-paced world where your lifestyle keeps constantly changing.  A proactive decision-making skill will allow you to have a greater degree of control over your health. Therefore, always try to be thoroughly involved and informed about your diagnosis, treatment options, risk factors, etc. As a patient, it is your right to be in absolute charge of what happens to your body.


How Do the Doctors Respond During A Telehealth Consultation?

Many patients are still there who are extremely loyal to their primary health care providers under any circumstances. If you are one of them who hesitate to go for a second opinion for your medical condition just because you feel like betraying your current doctor, trust us, it’s not the scenario. Your coordination with your current physician won’t be permanently derailed if you seek expert advice from someone else.

 When you seek a second opinion, it doesn’t always mean that your first diagnosis was wrong or you disagree with the prescribed treatment plan. It is mostly about communication and knowledge building. Most patients go for an online international doctor consultation because they seek a clearer explanation from another expert with an extensive grasp of the health condition. So, stop overthinking and look out for quality consultation sessions with expert health practitioners.


Things to Keep in Mind While Getting A Second Opinion

Every patient has unique needs but they all can follow the below-mentioned steps to make the process of seeking an additional opinion on telemedicine a bit smoother:

  • Have A Clear Idea About the Need of Seeking the Second Opinion

There are a few things to decide first – are you just seeking a one-time opinion? Or probably ongoing care from the new provider? Will you rethink the current treatment plan if the teleconsultation turns out to be better? Evaluating the possibilities in advance will enhance the quality of the session.

  • Don’t Hide it from Your Regular Health Professional

It will help ensure your long-term collaboration with the current physician and the new one you are consulting will get all the required information about your health.

  • Be Transparent with Your New Health Professional

Let the new clinician know that you are not fully satisfied with your previous consultation and thus you are looking for more.  It will help the telemedicine expert to focus on the particular area that you are concerned about.


What are the Perks of Seeking a Teleconsultation?  

Because of the technological advancements, seeking international doctor consultation has become easier without visiting the clinic. If it is your first time signing up for a telehealth service, here are a few benefits you can expect out of it.

  • Attend the consultation from anywhere at anytime

 Now you can speak with highly trained medical professionals without stepping outside of your house. It is notably beneficial if your current health condition prevents your mobility or you are consulting a foreign doctor.

  • Tech-savvy Ways to Check Your Symptoms

During a virtual teleconsultation, doctors use intelligent symptom checkers that stand a better chance of identifying your symptoms, disease, and causes. You can download or receive the reports via email for your convenience.

  • Less Expensive

Online doctor consultation is mostly an affordable solution that you can opt for even when you don’t have a health insurance policy.

  • Safety & Privacy

You must be wondering about the security factors of consulting a telehealth expert especially if it is your first time. That’s why, it is a must to choose a virtual doctor who complies with the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996). Be rest assured that your doctor is using a secure server and system and everything you discuss with your doctor is confidential. 

  • Convenient and Comfortable

Now you don’t have to wait to reach your doctor’s clinic when you can consult an online healthcare provider 24/7. No matter what is your daily schedule, you can book your international doctor consultation without messing up your schedule. Gone are the days of sitting for long hours in the waiting room.


Prepare for a Teleconsultation with Medicliq

Consulting a virtual doctor is a very useful extension to your healthcare plan. You will learn more about your health and care plan while saving both time and money.

Are you interested to get a second opinion on your medical condition? Sign up with Medicliq Health now. The health care specialist will study all your medical reports and provide you with an additional opinion on your health condition and treatment options.