Telemedicine allows patients to communicate with a healthcare provider using technology, as opposed to physically visiting a doctor’s office or hospital. With telemedicine Physicians and patients can share information in real-time from one computer screen to another.

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in health technology and digital health which has transformed the way people seek medical care.

The COVID outbreak further buttressed the need for every healthcare facility to have a telemedicine unit.

Here are some Telemedicine platforms in Nigeria

Medicliq Healthcare Services

A telemedicine service provider in the Middle-East and Africa. They connect patients to medical specialists abroad for second opinion diagnosis and also provide medical professionals with telemedicine technologies. Medicliq Health provides the perfect platform to deliver an increase in diagnostic precision in addition to saving lives and reducing the cost for proper patient care.


Tremendoc Limited is a limited liability company that was incorporated in 2017 as a technology service firm whose pilot application is a doctor on demand for connecting patients real-time to a licensed doctor who can consult, recommend, test and diagnose on a wide range of treatments.

Equipped with an experienced management team and well-developed technology platform, TL is strategically positioned to carve a niche in the on-demand medical care space

Health Connect 24×7

Combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring, and home health to provide immediate access to highly trained and experienced doctors and wellness experts via voice/ video calls as well as on-site doctor visits and clinics for healthy, acute, and chronic condition management.

Crib MD

Crib MD is a diverse network of doctors, health workers, and technology enthusiasts working to confront healthcare inequity through providing healthcare in every sector of society. Together, we are breaking bounds and setting new records in doctor home visits and telemedicine with the aim of becoming the preeminent and most reliable platform for getting medical care anywhere you are.


Mobihealth is innovative telemedicine and digital healthcare platform with a mission to bring affordable, quality healthcare within the reach of everyone particularly in Africa and underserved communities globally.

We provide a complete care package to patients regardless of their financial situation and in the most cost and time-effective way that helps you save significant out-of-pocket expenditures.

There are many other telemedicine providers in Nigeria all working to ensure that every Nigerian has access to healthcare regardless of their location.

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