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Second Opinion Services (S0S)

A second medical opinion is when a second specialist studies the patient’s medical file and gives another opinion on the diagnosis and treatment options.
SOS provides assistance and advice to the patient by helping complete his medical file with a full first opinion, analyzes the medical file and summarizes it as a basis for the second consultation, specifies the nature of the queries that the consultant is being asked to address, and meets the patient to explain and clarify the second opinion with effective solution.
According to an academic research paper titled “Medical Tourism in Nigeria: Challenges and Remedies to Health Care System Development”, which was prepared by the Department of Sociology, University of Illorin, 500 Nigerians travel abroad for medical tourism every month.
This medical travel translates to approximately $1.3billion in capital flight every year. The research paper also noted that a majority of Nigerian medical tourists’ travel based on misdiagnosis.
Due to the brain drain of medical professional from Nigeria, there is a major human capital deficit in the healthcare industry. The Nigerian Federal Government in March of 2020 disclosed that the doctor to patient ratio is currently 1:2753.
Our second opinion service aims to close the gap on Medical Tourism by delivering world class specialist medical services to Nigerians, thereby achieving efficient diagnostic precision leading to better patient care.

How does SOS work ?

  • Obtain first diagnosis and apply for a second consultation from one our International medical specialists.
  • The first diagnosis must include a summary from a consultant who is a specialist in the field.
  • The Patient will engage in a video conference in the premises of our partner hospitals/Clinics with your selected international medical specialist. The process is overseen by the local medical team of the hospital/clinic.
  • The entire medical team will examine the medical file and make further recommendations.