Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medicliq Healthcare Telemedicine Service licensed?

Yes, all Medicliq’s International Consultants are licensed and the Telemedicine consultations is done under the supervision of a licensed Resident Doctor in a Licensed Hospital i.e. Ultramed Hospital. Our Scope of Services is Video-based medical consultations by Licensed International Specialist Consultant.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a successful form of healthcare delivery used in more than 85 countries and territories across the globe, and now available in Nigeria. It allows patients to speak with an International doctor and receive medical advice over video-conferencing, rather than traveling out of the country.

What is Second Opinion Services?

A second medical opinion service is when a second specialist studies the patient’s medical file and gives another opinion on the diagnosis and treatment options. Our second opinion service aims to close the gap on Medical Tourism by delivering world class specialist medical services to Nigerians, thereby achieving efficient diagnostic precision leading to better patient care.

What personal details will I be sharing?

We’ll ask for your full name, phone number, and a form of identity document. We’ll also ask for your email address, to send you appointment reminders and recommendations to other providers if necessary, as per your preference. Other personal details that the physician may ask of you will be for medical diagnosis purposes only. Our unique Patient Management System guarantees privacy and confidential record keeping of all details shared during your medical consultation.

How do telemedicine consultations at UltraMed Hospital Gwarinpa Abuja work?

Obtain a first diagnosis and apply for a second opinion consultation on our appointment page or simply call our friendly staff on 0809990503. Choose from one of our International medical specialists.

Am I eligible for Medicliq’s telemedicine services?

Yes, our medical teleconsultation service is available for everyone.

How do I pay for the teleconsultation?

You can pay by Bank transfers.

Who will I speak with when I arrive at UltraMed Hospital for my Medicliq Telemedicine Consultation?

You’ll first speak with a trained receptionist who will usher you to the Telemedicine Unit in UltraMed Hospital. You will then meet the Resident Telemedicine Doctor who will ask about your condition and note your personal details. On the day of your appointment, one of our International qualified doctors, trained to diagnose medical conditions will give advice on a treatment plan over video-conferencing and discuss your condition in more detail. All of our doctors are licensed, and trained telemedicine professionals, to offer high quality, thorough medical consultations and care.

When should I call Medicliq Telemedicine Centre?

You can call us anytime you need medical advice for yourself or your child. Our team is trained and prepared to diagnose or give advice for any medical condition, and recommend a treatment plan. If further care or assessment is necessary, we’ll recommend specialized doctors in your area for an in-person appointment In UltraMed Hospital. We diagnose a wide range of conditions, so call us anytime you need medical advice, wherever you are, and we’ll book an appointment with an International Specialist to help you make an informed decision about your health.

Can Medicliq’s International doctors prescribe medications?

Our International doctors are fully qualified to diagnose your condition, recommend a treatment plan, and provide advice on prescription and non-prescription medications. Per the current regulatory healthcare framework the Medicliq Telemedicine Centre cannot prescribe medications, however, the Resident Telemedicine Doctor in Ultramed Hospital is authorized and can prescribe medication. Our International doctors will recommend a treatment plan for the period under the supervision of the Resident Doctor.

If I need further care or an in-person assessment, who are the specialized doctors that you’ll connect me with?

We’ll refer you to specialized doctors in Ultramed Hospital and we will also provide you with a list of specialized healthcare providers, who are nearby and abroad.

Where is Medicliq Telemedicine Centre located?

Ultramed Hospital- No 47, 4th Avenue, Opposite Pathfield Mall, Near Chembian Plaza Gwarinpa, Abuja (FCT), Nigeria.


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Why should I call Medicliq Telemedicine Centre at UltraMed Hospital Abuja?

We provide affordable, quick, convenient and confidential medical advice over video-conferencing, without the long queues, waiting times and paperwork at a hospital or clinic. We also save you money from travelling out of the country as the doctors you will go and bring to your virtually in specific hospitals in Nigeria. If you or your child needs a second opinion on a diagnosed illment, call Medicliq Telemedicine Centre at 0809-990-503 and speak with our medical team or book online on

Who can I contact? ( Share contact details on a separate doc to the team and they can proceed accordingly) Do Not provide dr's information publicly to any user)

Thank you for contacting us at Medicliq, kindly share with us your email and the department concerned will get in contact with you more details.