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Telemedicine is a broad umbrella that covers the technologies that provide clinical and administrative support for patients and physicians. Office of the Advancement of Telemedicine defines telemedicine as ”The support provided for long distance clinical healthcare, patient and professional health-related education and public health and health administration through the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies”.

We are delighted to introduce ourselves, Medicliq Healthcare, a telemedicine service provider in the Middle-East and Africa. With the fast developments in healthcare innovation, we believe that connecting medical professionals to telemedicine technologies, will provide the perfect platform for them to deliver an increase in diagnostic precision in addition to saving lives and reducing the cost for proper patient care.

Our Technology

We are proud to be one of the leading companies to partner and support the next generation telemedicine and healthcare solution through the use of JOIN, a Japanese medical communication platform for medical professionals that enables video and audio teleconsultation and secure diagnostic image sharing. Through connection with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), we offer high-quality, convenient and confidential medical consultation through qualified doctors locally and internationally at affordable prices.

Fast, Seamless and Secure

The JOIN Platform seamlessly connects interdisciplinary teams within the medical environment to swiftly provide patients with the care they need. Join, is HIPAA and EU GDPR compliant, and ISO27001 certified permitting secure collaboration between healthcare professionals from the palm of your hands. Join is also certified as a software medical device by PMDA (Japan), FDA (United States), CE (European Economic Area), and ANVISA (Brazil) .

Join can be integrated into internal IT systems, enabling users to view and share medical image data (MRIs, CTs), EMR information, various diagnostic images, laboratory data, prescriptions, and live streaming videos (ER, ICU, vital monitors, etc.)

Our Vision

''To become the leading telemedicine service
provider from Africa''

Our Mission

''To transform health care services in Nigeria by developing the Medicliq brand as a secure and dependable healthTech platform, reputed for delivering efficient, affordable and globally compliant health care, and ultimately providing exceptional value to all stakeholders''

Service Recipient Says

Patient From Abuja

I found Medicliq through Facebook, My mom has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease but hasn't been feeling well lately. I knew that I needed a second opinion on what was going on with her. I booked an appointment with Medicliq and got connected with Dr. Derek and he found out my mom has an aneurysm. We are so lucky he detected it on time, it could have been deadly. Thank you Medicliq Healthcare Services.

John from Abuja

I have been taking over ten pills a day for the past 10 years to manage my hypertension, diabetes and heart problem. After seeing Dr. Thomas Bartel of Medicliq Healthcare, he prescribed one pill a day and asked me to lose 1kg a month. Since heeding to his advice, I haven't felt this good in close to a decade.